If you’re a new pet parent, you must be having a plethora of questions related to pet health care. In fact, even other pet parents who have had pets for a while might not know everything about pet health care. So, we decided to talk to our veterinarian and answer the most frequently asked questions pet parents have for their pets. Many pet parents reached out and asked their questions, and we have done our best to cover all their queries in this blog.

When should I vaccinate my dog?

When you’ve got a puppy in your house, you must be aware about the responsibilities it comes with. The first thing to do is vaccinate your pup against the common flu, distemper, parvovirus, and various other health diseases. Puppies should be vaccinated for rabies by the time they turn 16 weeks. The immune system of puppies is comparatively weak, as they haven’t developed completely, so it’s vital to vaccinate them at an early stage to protect them from these diseases.

Which pet food to pick?

You’ll find varieties of dog food, and picking the right diet for your pet can put you in a quandary. Therefore, it’s vital to check the nutrients level and ingredients of the pet food you get for your pooch. Moreover, you can try giving dry food and wet food to your doggo and see which one he likes best then continue with that diet. Growing pups and dogs require higher amount of nutrients so look for the dog food that provides all the essential vitamins.

My city has cold weather, do I still need to administer flea and tick preventives?

Although fleas and ticks strive in warm weather, don’t underestimate them. They can easily hibernate and make their habitat in warm and humid areas of your house. These fleas and ticks attach your dog when he comes near and soon spreads the infestation. So, it’s crucial to administer the right flea and tick preventative to your furry pal. Fortunately, flea and tick products come in many forms – topical, oral, chewable and collars. Therefore, you won’t face any issue in administering the treatment to the fussiest dog!

Should Heartworm preventive be given all year round?

Irrespective of parasite infestations in your area, you must administer flea and tick preventive to your pooch on a regular basis. Heartworm is a deadly disease and it can deteriorate your dog’s health if not prevented from beforehand. In fact, the treatment is also very complex, so it’s always preferred to give heartworm preventive to your dog every month.

How often should I bathe my dog?

This is a question that every pet parent asks, as they’re not sure when it’s okay to bathe their dog. Well, the simple answer is that you should groom and bath your doggo at least once a week. Or you can bathe him every three days, if your pooch loves to play outside and gets dirty more often. Moreover, don’t forget to brush your dog’s teeth as it’s important to take care of the dog’s oral health as well.

My dog has become lethargic and doesn’t like doing exercises, what should I do?

The reason behind a lazy dog could be an unhealthy lifestyle and diet. If your dog has a habit of eating too many treats, he can easily get obese, which may lead to lethargic behavior and other health conditions. Therefore, along with healthy diet, you must inculcate the habit of going to walk or playing indoors for your dog’s body movement.

Well, these were the few questions that are often asked by pet parents and we hope that you learned something from this! Hope you and your furry friend are keeping health and staying home!